Why You Should Ask a Building Wash Company About a Hot Water Wash

When ordering exterior cleaning from your local building wash company, you may notice that some offer a hot wash as well as a standard building wash. You may be confused about which one would best meet your business’s cleaning needs and whether or not your building will benefit from a hot wash. Here’s what you need to know about hot washes before you make a decision.

What’s a hot wash?

A hot wash is an environmentally friendly way to clean a building, which doesn’t use any toxic chemicals. Water is heated to 90°C, which is the required temperature to kill many types of bacteria and germs. The heat also enables cleaning products to work more effectively, increasing the molecular action of their ingredients and reducing the water’s surface tension so that packed-on grime and organic matter can be dispersed at a molecular level. It’s also great for breaking down oil and grease.

Hot water cleans better and faster than both cold-water cleaning and steaming, and when combined with a pressure washer, a hot water wash can “scrub” a building effectively without anyone having to touch it physically or even get near it.

Who should be using this form of washing?

If you operate a bar, café or restaurant that serves food to customers in Auckland, you’ll need to ensure it meets MPI or Food Safety Standards and use a method of cleaning that won’t contaminate the environment. You’ll also need this robust cleaning solution if you operate in an area where oil and grease spills happen regularly, such as an industrial or commercial warehouse or factory.

A hot wash will clean the required area in less time and with less effort and fewer products than any other type of cleaning option, and because no harsh chemicals are used, the area will be safe for use immediately after cleaning.

But that’s not all

Hot washes are great for the above applications, but even if your business doesn’t meet the above criteria, hot washes are a great cleaning option for companies whose building rental lease is nearly over. Most commercial landlords require their building to be returned in its original state at the end of any lease or rental period, and some buildings might need in-depth cleaning. With this solution, everyone walks away happy – all thanks to your building washing company.

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