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Like your roof, your solar panels are one of the least inspected parts of your building and as such can be neglected when it comes to cleaning. While we can rely on rain to clean them to a certain degree, over time the weather takes its toll. We recommend an annual wash of all solar panels to ensure they stay in good working order and don’t deteriorate over time.

Why Wash Your Solar Panels?

Avoid deterioration

Over time dirt, dust and grime will build up on the panels and left unwashed could start to damage them. Regular washing can help keep your panels in good working order.

Retain your warranty

Some manufacturers require regular cleaning to retain the warranty on the panels.

Keep them running efficiently

The build-up of dirt can affect the efficiency of your solar panels, meaning they will be generating less power. Regular cleaning can help to ensure your solar system runs as efficiently as possible.

Your panels may not be tilted enough

Panels should be installed at an angle of over 10% to ensure rainwater assists with keeping them clean, but in many cases due to roof and solar system design, this is;’t achievable. If this is the case a regular clean is a necessity.

We have been using BWS as our preferred supplier for the past eight years to wash the roofs and exterior claddings of our portfolio. We have found them to be a professional and courteous contractor who is flexible enough to suit our changing needs. This service not only makes our assets look good, but reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of vital building components.
General Manager at Property For Industry

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