Commercial Roof Cleaning

Increase the durability and life of your roof

Keeping your roof clean is a must – it’s an integral part of your building!

Building Wash Services can offer you two options for getting the best cleaning result for your roof.

  • Option 1 - Water blasting, a complete clean with lichen removal
  • Option 2 - Spray and Leave application of our BWS bio-cleaner, which is a slow acting product that gets deep into contaminants for an effective result.

The roof is the least accessible and inspected area of a building.  A roof that is left unwashed will ultimately cause leaks around blocked gutters, air conditioning units, roof joins, sky lights and venting pipes. Thus leading to serve roof corrosion and ultimately requiring replacement.  Your roof requires regular cleaning to increase its durability.

Building Wash Services has specialised equipment to perform a fast and efficient wash using our two men/gun applicators.

A Building Wash Services roof wash includes all gutters and downpipes. 

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When requested, we can provide photos of before and after, and we will inform you of any areas that require maintenance.

On completion of the wash, your roof can be treated with an algae spray to protect your clean roof from unwanted algae re-growth.

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“Protecting our property investments includes adhering to a regular cleaning schedule. This undoubtedly reduces maintenance costs.”

– Bill Clark, Managing Director
Savory Construction