Taking Extra Care Of Historic Buildings

We all have those special items, be it a vintage dress, an inherited grandfather clock or an old book, that need that special care and attention to retain them in their beautiful condition and protect them from deterioration.

It’s the same with historic buildings.  You wouldn’t care for them the same way you would a modern structure.  As a property owner or manager of a historic building, when it comes to washing your historic building, a different approach is required.

  1. Fragile: Handle With Care (We Can’t Stress This Enough)

    Building washing entails high-pressure hosing, a method that suits robust structures but not always suitable with an older one.   Historic buildings can be fragile on the surface. At BWS we know gentle pressure is crucial in delivering a professional building wash to your precious building.

  1. Not all Chemicals are created equal

Some chemicals are too harsh for mature buildings. It’s essential that the people doing the wash understand which are ideal and those that aren’t. Don’t risk it with harsh detergents that can eat into the building or cause premature deterioration.

  1. Maintaining the external and internal history of your building

Your historic building has a rich history and you’ll want to maintain it in as the beautiful condition on the outside as it is on the inside. An exterior wash will take care of that, as well as preserving the beauty of your historic building for generations to come.

  1. Reduce Repair & Maintenance Costs With Regular Washing

Believe it or not, a clean building can save you money in the future. This is especially so with historic buildings. The effects of dirt on a building can be far-reaching, causing deterioration and costing money for repairs and upkeep. Got a historic building? At BWS, we understand the importance of handling your property with skill and care. Contact us today for an A-grade building wash.