Taking Care Of Your Commercial Building Gutters And Why It Matters

Gutters are a fantastic protective feature on a commercial building, designed to redirect rainwater and reduce the risk of internal roof leaks and damage. At times, you’ll need professional help from a company like Building Wash Services to ensure that your gutters work the way they should. Here’s why you don’t want to neglect it.

The Damaging Effects Of Blocked Gutters

An efficient gutter system is free-flowing and keeps excess moisture from entering a building from the outside. Sometimes debris, moss or leaves enter gutters, causing an obstruction that requires immediate attention. When gutters are blocked, water can back up, puddle and damage your building. This has negative repercussions for both the efficiency and aesthetics of your property. Other downsides you might experience from malfunctioning gutters include:

  • Damage to foundations – A working gutter system carries excess water away from the building, where it’s absorbed into the ground or a drainage system. If this doesn’t happen, the excess water could gather at your building’s base and damage the foundations.
  • Unexpected slip hazards – By moving water away from the building, gutters make sure water doesn’t fall or pool in places where people may be walking or entering and exiting buildings. This can be a health and safety concern, and cause people to slip or fall.
  • Roof damage – When water pools in your gutters and spills onto the roof, the underlying roof material can deteriorate, and eventually this will need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Leaks and flooding – a blocked gutter causes water to back up and pool before it finds an exit. Over time the deterioration of the guttering and roof can cause leaks, which could allow water to seep inside the building. In some cases this could cause flooding.


Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Gutters

There are a few simple things you can do to keep clogged up gutter blues at bay:

  • Manually clear any stones or compacted rubble that could back up the drainage system.
  • Free up trapped pools of gutter water to prevent them from growing.
  • Snip any tree branches that could potentially drop twigs and leaves into the gutters.
  • Order professional gutter inspections from an experienced company twice annually.

Roping In A Team Of Experts To Clean Up Annually

If you book regular gutter cleaning sessions with Building Wash Services, you’re guaranteed to have any gutter problems identified and solved promptly by trained professionals who’ll have the relevant equipment on hand. We offer a professional service that puts your property’s individual needs first. Request a free quote from us and never worry about leaks again.