Are you taking care of ‘Unwashed Areas’?

Building owners need to be aware of, and understand, what defines an ‘Unwashed Area’: Manufacturers and suppliers of building material and products define these areas as ‘not naturally cleaned or washed by rainfall.’

Typical ‘unwashed areas’ include:

Tops of roller doors
Eaves / soffits
Underside of canopies
Underside of gutters (see above)
Behind downpipes

Don’t void your manufacturers’ warranties through neglect. Most corrosion and damage occurs from airborne contaminates. Given Auckland’s coastal geography and motorway network running through the city, this creates a highly corrosive environment.

Major building material manufacturers clearly stipulate in data sheets that their products may not be guaranteed without a 6 – 12 monthly wash down programme for the building.

Kerricks state that:

The wand method is only acceptable up to 4/5 meters which means that your 6m/8m stud building will not be professionally cleaned in these vital Unwashed Areas from the ground.

BWS has the specialist equipment and trained staff to service these areas. So don’t put your investment at risk. Proactive maintenance is the key to saving money. Unwashed areas, if unattended, will require costly replacement, far exceeding the cost of a professional BWS wash down.