5 Tips To Help You Prepare Your Building For Winter

Managing a commercial property is no easy task, as it’s always in use. You know that a regular exterior wash needs to feature on your to-do list, but knowing how often you need to do this depends on many factors. There’s no one size fits all answer to this question as a variety of factors will determine the frequency of exterior washing required for each building. How do you figure out what will work for yours? Take the following into consideration to make the best decision for your building.

  1. Winter Prep Tip #1: Conduct A Thorough Inspection On Your Heating System

There’s no worse time to discover that your heating system is broken than in the thick of winter. At that point, there’ll be little to no difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. How do you fix this before winter arrives? Do a maintenance check and repair any issues as soon as you find them.

  1. Winter Prep Tip #2: Clear Out Your Gutters & Downpipes On The Regular

What’s the most obvious thing that happens in autumn? Trees shed their leaves. These can fall into your gutters and drainage system, causing unnecessary damage. The best way to handle this is by scheduling regular clearing of the affected areas. Don’t forget to clear any pipes, inlets and the like of debris. You don’t want to deal with the flooded aftermath of rainstorms when it can be avoided.

  1. Winter Prep Tip #3: Tidy Up Your Garden

In addition to clearing up the leaves that have already fallen, use the time you have in autumn to trim your branches, shrubs and other plants. This will leave your garden looking neat in the upcoming months.

  1. Winter Prep Tip #4: Do A Maintenance Check On Your Outdoor Lighting

It gets darker in winter, which means that days will end quicker and criminals will become more brazen. Make sure your outdoor and security lighting is working well to ward off burglars and other uninvited guests. Make the task of preparing for winter easier by enlisting professional help. Building Wash Services can help you with gutter cleaning and more, so contact us today while there’s still time.