5 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Company To Wash Your Building

Property is expensive and to retain its value you need to maintain it with thought and expertise. Keeping it in a good condition is something you can’t afford to take chances with, and this means you’ll need to choose a business that washes your building with care. How do you verify that you’ve got the best possible team on the job? You can start by asking the right questions to see what kind of service you can expect. If you’re unsure what to ask, don’t worry, we have compiled a few questions to ask the companies you’re considering. They’re straight to the point, so you’ll know what to look for in an ideal answer.

Question #1: What Type Of Equipment Will You Be Using?

Companies that are experts in washing buildings use customised equipment to get the job done right. It’s not as simple as buying a regular pressure hose and pointing it at the building. The quality of tools that they use can make or break the process. At BWS, we have our wash trucks custom made to make sure we can undertake our work safely and efficiently.

Question #2: Is Your Team Trained & Certified?

There are many safety concerns at a building wash site — chief among them is working at heights. The company you choose has to train and educate its staff so that they’re fit for the job. A lot goes into this process, from skills to technical knowledge. Ask them about their safety measures and certifications.

Question #3: Do You Use Harmful Chemicals?

The environment (and your building materials) can suffer from the use of hazardous chemicals. Most companies that wash buildings have implemented environmentally-friendly cleaners into their arsenal. These cleaners are non-toxic and safe for humans to encounter.

Question #4: Are Your Insured For This Type Of Work?

Like we said in the beginning, you don’t want to risk your property. Make sure the company you hire is insured, just in case anything goes wrong. This way, your investment is protected at all times.

Question #5: How Experienced Are You In Building Washing?

Experience is the best teacher. You can trust that with an experienced company, washing buildings has become second nature, so their margin for error reduces dramatically. You don’t need to worry about rookie mistakes damaging your property.

If you’re looking for a reliable company that checks all these boxes to wash your building, look no further. Contact BWS today to get started.