Tuesday, 27 Jun 2017
Take a look at the Franchise Magazine advertorial and learn more about this outstanding opportunity.Click here to find out more. more
Thursday, 04 May 2017
Building owners need to be aware of, and understand, what defines an 'Unwashed Area': Manufacturers and suppliers of building material and... more
Monday, 10 Nov 2014
Unlike most homes and commercial building, many historic buildings were constructed with soft materials such as marble or limestone, due to the fact... more
Monday, 10 Nov 2014
When it comes to your building's windows, we've got it covered! Our dedicated team has plenty of experience, specializing in all facets (Brush/Blade... more
Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014
When thinking about keeping your commercial building clean, business owners often think about what the client can see, such as the visible exterior... more
Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014
It’s the golden rule to never judge by appearances, however sometimes it’s our natural human instinct to do just... more
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“Protecting our property investments includes adhering to a regular cleaning schedule. This undoubtedly reduces maintenance costs.”

– Bill Clark, Managing Director
Savory Construction