Commercial Building Washing

“A High Grade Bio-Chemical Soft Wash”

Building Wash Services Ltd is the number one choice in commercial and industrial cleaning.

Cleaning a building requires more than a sunny day and a garden hose. Doing the job properly can be an expensive process involving scaffolding, work platforms and a host of Health & Safety commitments. That’s why property owners and managers rely on Building Wash Services Ltd for a fast, efficient and economical clean every time!

“Washing your building needs to be an integral part of your regular maintenance programme”

Building Wash Services are experts in cleaning and removing dirt, grime, salt, mold, lichen and moss, so building surfaces look refreshed again.

The accumulation and build up of dirt on a building from air pollution will accelerate its deterioration. Regular washing of your building will save you money on maintenance and repairs, as well as rejuvenating the look of your building.

Building Wash Services only uses superior quality biodegradable products. We apply a cleaning product to the exterior of your building and once the product has had time to break down the dirt and pollution on the exterior, it is removed with a soft water wash.

Bio-Chemical Soft Wash

Building Wash Services now has a cost effective alternative for you. Using the Building Wash Services boom-truck, we can clean any part of a building without scaffolding. The boom-truck can extend up to 16m - the height of a 5 storey building - allowing us to get at even the trickiest of unwashed areas. Using the boom-truck means a quicker start to the job and more effective and thorough cleaning of your building.

Ground based operators cannot reach these high risk corrosive unwashed areas. You need to be level or above to effectively wash away all of these contaminates correctly.

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A free service we will also provide on every job, is to provide you with photos of any building defects or areas that need attention.  At the same time as our trained staff are washing your building, they will assess those areas, that generally are not looked at very regularly due to the difficulties in accessing those areas.

Major manufacturers/suppliers all agree that an annual building wash is vital to protect the exterior surfaces from the elements. Failure to do so is likely to void your warranties.

A Building Wash Services Ltd building wash programme is well suited to meeting this requirement.

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“Protecting our property investments includes adhering to a regular cleaning schedule. This undoubtedly reduces maintenance costs.”

– Bill Clark, Managing Director
Savory Construction