Equipment and Products

We only use industry leading equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products

The BWS Boom Truck

We were the first company in Auckland to introduce these custom built boom trucks. A true gamechanger for the industry. They provide safe and easy access to most parts of a building – no scaffolding required.

Features include:

  • HINO 300 Series Truck – 2009 model. The latest generation engine that meets the stringent US 2004 Emissions Compliance Test
  • Each truck consists of a 2 man, 2 gun wash team. One gun in the boom bucket, the other for ground use
  • Washing equipment operates at 3000psi and importantly 21 litres per minute (The new industry standard)
  • Silent motors are used on the truck, keeping noise to a minimum
  • Ability to do 90 degree hot water washing, ideal for internal warehouse clean outs

All this enables Building Wash Services to safely and efficiently wash your building without the use of scaffolding.  We can reach up to 16m in height (5 storeys) and stretch out 8m allowing us to get at even the trickiest of spaces, ensuring even those tricky unwashed areas can given a thorough clean.

High Grade Bio-Cleaner

We pride ourselves on being environmentally responsible, as such we use only natural and rapidly biodegradable cleaners for washing. The premium we pay is worth it to avoid using nasty bleach and chlorine-based products other companies use.

Product description:

The BWS bio-cleaner is a complete and rapid biodegradable cleaner and broad-spectrum disinfectant.  BWS Bio-Cleaner contains naturally derived solvent, blended vegetable oil surfactants and phosphate free water conditioners and dispersants.

Our bio- cleaner is highly concentrated, providing rapid penetration and removal of most soiling from a variety of surfaces.  It is sea water compatible for marine applications and can be used on any washable surface.

NZFSA Approved C32 (all animal products except dairy).